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Drones & MechatronicsServices

We have an exhaustive list of satisfied clients and we are on a quest to further expand our client base. To this end, our team of experts with unparalleled knowledge of mechatronics and robotics is ever available to attendĀ  your requests. Our mechatronics Services include, but are not limited to:



Artificial Intelligence Control Systems

Robotic Arms


Improve Productivity

Our Approach


An analysis and feasibility study of every problem and idea is the best way to start a product design journey. Our experts dive deep to find weak spots or areas of opportunity so we can suggest the best course of action for you.

Conceptualization & Design

Once all specifications have been defined, a blueprint is drawn up for a concept and initial components are selected. A comprehensive design is then arrived at in consultation with you.


We rely on accuracy to ensure that you get the design that you envision. We optimize each design with acute calculations for a rapid engineering process and reduction in iterations.

Realization & Validation

In the ultimate step of the process, our design will be brought to life through parts made by premium suppliers, which are assembled and integrated in-house. Finally, our experienced engineers will validate and test the system.

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Why Aslase?

We always strive to develop and deliver superior products that are practical and solve critical challenges. Our hardware and embedded solutions are designed to be user-friendly and give an impetus to your organizational growth.

A decade of experience and expertise enables us to outline smart solution packages that are intended to solve precise challenges. Our solutions can be deployed fast and seamlessly integrate with your systems to boost productivity and profitability.

At Aslase, our team of experienced professionals have worked on a diverse range of products across many disciplines with competence and efficiency. A collaboration of seasoned professionals across disciplines gives us the opportunity to bring you the best.

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