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We have over 10 years of experience in providing IoT software development services, we deliver state-of-the-art smart IoT applications that help you meet digitization while ensuring enhanced customer experience.

How We Work

IoT Development Services We Offer

Aslase brings together experienced IoT developers from application conception to ongoing IoT development services. Through a vendor and cloud-neutral approach, we remove complexity and gain insights using advanced analytics and in-house technology to create the ideal IoT solution.

Embedded IoT And M2M Systems

Program embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gateways, sensors) and integrate them into a wide variety of IoT and M2M devices, including smart home devices, industrial automation mechanisms, home appliances, smart cars, and wearables. 

IoT App Development

We are a software development firm that builds desktop and mobile applications used to manage and control arming and disarming equipment, establishing sensor triggers, while displaying data from IoT devices.

Sensor development

In order to detect motion (including precise direction and gestures), pressure, temperature, humidity, the presence and closeness of objects, and environmental conditions (such as water quality, and the presence of chemicals and gases), several types of sensors have been developed by our experts.

Seamless Networking Solutions

We develop custom Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols for discovering wireless and smart devices over Wi-Fi, NFC, RFID, iBeacon, LAN, LoRaWAN, BLE, and Bluetooth networks. We also develop embedded software for automatic detection, matching and verification of smart devices.

Broad IoT/M2M Connectivity

Our custom IoT development services include web services and API integration services for all popular IoT/M2M architectures using REST and SOAP web services and IPv6 authentication protocols. They facilitate bi-directional JSON and XML communication between systems.

Four Ways We Can Help You Leverage IoT Applications to Meet Digital Excellence Software

The solution’s IoT development cycle is precise and uniquely optimized to meet deadlines.





Start Your Project With Aslase's Trusted UI/UX Process
Develop a strategy
Research the market
Sketch, analyze, iterate

Our IoT Development Cycle

Aslase’s IoT development cycle is precise and uniquely optimized to meet deadlines.


We always start by researching the materials needed and the existing data the client brings for the project.


In this phase, we measured the customer’s expectations and the specifications required for the IoT project.


Here our team is working on some user interface ideas such as logos, graphics and color schemes. As soon as you accept them, we will continue.


Here, experts from the Aslase Solutions program create IoT programs from scratch during the development phase. Also maximize it to achieve the maximum level of performance.


Your IoT program runs through a series of tests to ensure there are no flaws.


At this stage, we will do some last-minute testing and deliver the project as soon as it is ready. After delivery, you will have access to a one-week warranty period to test the product yourself.

Why Aslase Solutions Is the Right Choice for You?

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We handling to keep up to date with the latest technology on the market, so we are well suited to handling your projects.

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We Understand

Unlike our competitors who ignore customer specifications, we focus on customer opinions and ensure that their needs are carefully met.

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On-Time Deliveries

Aslase Solutions delivers projects on time, if not ahead of schedule, to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage.

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Expert Consultation

We don’t just offer you our development services, you can also hire us for expert consultation services.

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