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Every app we produce is built on a brilliant concept that needs a custom software solution. Our projects’ scopes span from small-scale startup apps to enterprise solutions.


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Of clients are mid-sized and large businesses


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Systematcially designed software and applications that reaped exceptional benefits and helped entrepreneurs turn their visions into well-established businesses.

Aslase’s Business Models Tailored to Your Business Needs

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Fixed Bid

A fixed-bid project has a fixed price regardless of the amount of work required or the costs incurred. It is a contract with a specific price and deadline.

Monthly Billing Cycle

Depending on his skills, a developer's monthly rate is fixed. It is appropriate for lengthy projects.

Hourly Rates

For each hour a developer works, they are paid an hourly fee. Scaling is simple and straightforward.

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You are in the right place. Aslase’s team will walk you through the process with ease and joy and deliver a high-quality product timely.